Mountain view estate

Andrew and Alexia is a Canadian couple (with Greek and Italian origins) who chose to get married in the beautiful area of Chania, Crete.

They had chosen a beautiful estate with exceptional gardens and breathtaking Mountain View in order to begin their new life together.

Andrew and Alexia united with an Orthodox ceremony in the small chapel within the estate.

The airy tent with sky view appearing in most photos was set up especially for the day.

The flower decoration of the event was made of thick garlands and columns consisting of Austin roses, peonies and hydrangeas.


Love on the beach

Jesus & Taidia are a Spanish couple living in England.

Their dream was to perform their wedding in a lovely cozy beach having their love as the only guest.

So, they decided to join their lives in the wonderful island of Crete which is ideal for such events.

Having the honour to organize the wedding, I have to admit that they were one of the most positive couples I have ever work with, factor which made everything from planning to performing the ceremony a delight.

Soon after the wedding, they enjoyed a dinner at a beachside restaurant, with local wine and tastes.

I wish from the bottom of my heart, all the best, happiness and health!


Stamatis & Palak

Stamatis  and Palak is a very beautiful – all over the world- couple decided to marry in Chania. Stamatis came from Cyprus and Greece,  Palak came from India and they living together in Canada. As the father of Stamatis was Ambassador of Cyprus in different countries such as Russia and Brazil, the guests were from all over the world and gave a multiethnic note in marriage.

The Indian marriage was in a lovely garden, right next to the sea. Palak did entrance to the sounds of a violinist playing the song that was selected the pair. It was really wonderful across the aisle from rose petals to reach Stamatis and together stand beneath the ornate arch. During the ceremony which lasted for 1.30 hour, followed all the Indian customs from the Indo emcee who was called specially for this occasion.

The guests sitting comfortably on chairs that were specially for the occasion and enjoyed the ceremony and refreshments were available for them. It was truly a wonderful and unique marriage organized by Glam events and thanks from the couple, was the biggest reward for us.


Charley and Grace

Charley and Grace is a young fully in love couple from United States dreaming that their wedding should be definitely in Greece, even if they hadn’t visited the country before and had seen its beauties only in pictures.

Unfortunately Grace’s mother, due to a serious health problem, was not able to travel, so the couple was married in the Municipality of Tulsa In United States and as they were so fond on be married in Greece they also got married in Crete having Grace’s mother participating through Skype from U.S.A.

Their dream became true by the help of technology and Glam Events organized the most spectacular wedding they had dreamt: beside the picturesque Cretan sea under a spangled wooden arch, they said their vows again and they offered their wedding rings.

They lived unforgettable moments and the professional photographer kept all the emotions in order to offer them to the couple in a unique photo-album of memories.

After the wedding ceremony, they hosted their guests in an idyllically restaurant on the beautiful Cretan beach.

Glam Events wish them to be always as happy as they were in their wedding day and we’ll be at their disposal and really glad to organize unique events in their future special moments.


Vassilis and Marisa

Vasilis and Marisa is a couple with different nationalities and cultures. Nevertheless, from the first time we met them it was clear how close they are.

We organised their wedding on the Agioi Apostoloi hill and the nearby church. The ceremony was enchanting and sentimental. After the end of the ceremony, the wedding reception took place at a restaurant by the sea. The new-weds cut their wedding cake and a great party took place.

Glam events team was proud to organise the wedding for such a beautiful couple and we hope that these moments will be remembered for ever.


Mike and Marcella

Mike and Marcella is a couple that lives in United States and chose Chania for their Orthodox wedding, in June 2014. The ceremony took place at a very small and beautiful chapel. Τhe decoration consisted of a large garland made of roses around the chapel entrance and two large decorated candles. All the attendants were given a translation of the ceremony and hand fans.
Afterwards, the wedding reception took place at a gorgeous restaurant beside the sea where the 40 guests, had a taste of the traditional cretan cuisine. The restaurant space was decorated with small lanterns and textile ornaments. On the tables there were vases full of Peonies and Arums. The party lasted until early morning hours and at the midnight, many Chinese sky lanterns were launched to the sky, along with many wishes for the newlyweds.